For Enthusiasts

A varied fleet such as ours attracts a great deal of attention.

We’re not shy, and enjoy giving pleasure to those who take an interest in our vehicles. However please remember that this is a working garage and is not generally open to the public on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. However, group visits can be arranged at a suitable time – just contact our office first.

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Heritage Fleet News Updates

Our fine heritage fleet, as you can imagine, requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep it in tip top condition and available for duty. Regular updates will appear on the right of this page under Latest Enthusiast News.

Buses currently being restored

We usually have a number of heritage vehicles under repair or restoration. Here is a round-up of some of them. Please visit our 'Under Restoration' Gallery for further photos and descriptions of work recently carried out.

Bristol K6A HLJ44














This ex-Hants & Dorset Bristol KSW6A actually spent its first year in service on loan to London Transport, hence the LT insignia carried on the radiator grille. This historic bus joined Crosville in 2013 and is currently undergoing extensive overhaul, both inside and out. Mechanical work includes refurbishment of injectors, along with re-instatement of the original Autovac which draws diesel fuel from the tank and delivers it to the engine. The seats will be re-trimmed and the work will conclude with a full professional repaint.


Our 1967 Southern National Bristol RELL bus is currently away being professionally refurbished. The seats are being re-trimmed and the interior is being spruced up. The braking system has already had an overhaul and the project will be completed with a full repaint in Tilling Green and Cream. Eventually this 53-seater bus will join our heritage hire fleet.


This Bristol LL6B, the last half cab single decker in service with Crosville, continues to undergo restoration to running order in our workshops. Mechanical work to the chassis and braking system is almost complete and bodywork repairs will continue in 2015, including some re-glazing. After a full repaint, it is hoped to add this historic vehicle to our active heritage fleet.


Bringing up the rear of the long term restoration queue is our Crosville Bristol KSW6B. It requires extensive work, not having been licenced since 1975! Apart from the usual mechanical and bodywork issues, this vehicle also requires its front dome to be rebuilt. The Bristol AVW engine has been removed for rebuilding. Parts have started arriving for this bus, the most recent being a new front wing.

Our current vintage fleet:


Resplendent in Tilling Green livery, tower wagon FAE60 stands proudly outside our garage after the completion of its restoration. This vehicle started life as a standard Bristol L5G 32-seat bus with Bristol Tramways, entering service in 1938. Later rebuilt for departmental use, it was further modified in 1956 to carry the tower mechanism from an earlier utility vehicle. In this form it was used to maintain high level equipment in garages across the Bristol area. It has been in private ownership since 1972. Although it joined Crosville in a presentable condition a look under the surface revealed much rotten woodwork. In recent months almost the entire cab area has been rebuilt and now the wagon, once Fleet No W75 with Bristol Tramways, is now fit for service again. Whether it will ever be used to reach up to the lofty heights of our cavernous garage remains to be seen, however it has already visited some local vintage bus running days.



This bus has the distinction of being the last Bristol L in service with Crosville Motor Services, Chester, being finally withdrawn in 1970. Built in 1952, this Bristol LL6B retains its Bristol AVW 6-cylinder diesel engine and joined two other ex-Crosville Bristol L buses already at Weston-super-Mare in 2011. It has already been restored once and ran in service with Classic Buses Ltd of Four Marks in the late 1980s but now requires extensive work before it joins our active fleet. Some preparatory work has already begun.



Arriving at the Crosville depot at Weston-super-Mare on suspended tow in 2012, this 1952 Bristol KSW6B will shortly be despatched for a thorough overhaul and restoration. It began life with Crosville Motor Services in Chester as its fleet no MW435 and continued in service until withdrawal in 1968. Along with our NFM46, it was in service with Classic Buses Ltd of Four Marks. At some point in later private ownership some damage occurred to its front dome and this will need to be rebuilt as part of the restoration programme. The Bristol AVW engine would not turn over on arrival and subsequent stripdown revealed substantial damage to the pistons and crankshaft. The entire engine will return soon from an extensive (and expensive) rebuild. This bus will join our active heritage fleet when restoration is complete.



TD895 (HLJ44) was ordered by Hants & Dorset in 1949 but spent its first year on loan to London Transport to cover a postwar bus shortage. After operating from LT's Amersham garage, it ran for Hants & Dorset until 1966. Due to a shortage of both Bristol and Gardner engines, this bus (along with others built at the same time) was equipped with an AEC 7.7ltr engine which it retains to this day. It has had a number of owners in preservation and is currently nearing the end of an extensive refurbishment programme to original condition. It will enter our active heritage fleet later in 2015 and will be available for private hire.


KGK529KGK 529

RTW29 (KGK529) was new in 1949, operating from numerous Central London garages until 1969 when it was sold into preservation. Although many ex-London Transport RT buses survive, this one is a comparatively rare 8ft wide Leyland engined variant. Previously with a private owner, RTW29 is in immaculate condition inside and out. We intend to use this bus at rallies and running days primarily, although it has recently gained Class 6 MOT status and may appear on selected private hire duties.



  • KFM 893


  • KFM 767


  • 972 EHW


  • 891 VFM


  • YDL 318


  • HDV 626E


  • LEU 263P


  • VDL 613S


  • DCA 528X