Crosville Vintage Collection

Crosville the early days

Crosville began life in 1906 as Crosville Motor Company Ltd. It was formed by George Crosland Taylor and his French business partner Georges de Ville, the company name being a combination of their two names.

Their original plan was to build motor cars but by 1909 had started running a bus service between Chester and Ellesmere Port. This became a successful venture and soon the new company was operating in the Wirral and parts of Lancashire, Cheshire and Flintshire.

There followed various acquisitions and mergers, finally becoming part of the UK-wide Tilling Group in 1942. At this time the various Tilling fleets around the country began to standardise on a Bristol chassis with bodywork by Eastern Coach Works. It is this era which the current Crosville Motor Services has the greatest affinity with and indeed several of our oldest vehicles were operated by Crosville in the 1950's.

Crosville continued to serve places like Chester, Llandudno, Rhyl, Liverpool and Manchester, it's green and cream buses being very familiar to residents and visitors alike. Towards the end of their working lives, some double deck buses were converted to open top for tourist services, thus ensuring their survival into preservation. Our own Bristol FSF, fleet number DFG81, is one of these.

The 1968 Transport Act brought in the National Bus Company and Crosville, along with many other fleets, took on the Leaf Green livery of the NBC. Passenger numbers reduced during this time due to greater car ownership and Crosville's operating area contracted. After the de-regulation of the NBC, Crosville Cymru struggled to be profitable and in the 1980's further cuts were made and the Crosville name disappeared altogether.

Crosville in the present day

Fast forward to 2005, when Jonathan Jones-Pratt acquired the dormant company name Crosville Motor Services Ltd.

At that time he was also completing an extensive and costly restoration of ex-Crosville Bristol L5G single deck bus, KFM767, fleet number KG118. This bus formed the nucleus of a heritage fleet that now numbers 14 vehicles.

The 21st century re-incarnation of Crosville Motor Services began trading again in Weston-super-Mare as a fully fledged bus and coach operator in 2011. In a short space of time, Crosville has built up a network of timetabled services in the town, a large fleet of more than 30 modern buses and executive coaches plus a thriving trade in private hire with its heritage vehicles.

Jonathan Jones-Pratt has a clear goal to restore the faith and tradition in local bus operation within Weston-super-Mare.

“Of course, buses and coaches are not enough on their own, so we have invested heavily in workshop facilities, experienced maintenance staff and customer focussed drivers. Together, we take pride in presenting our interesting fleet – both modern and vintage – for your travelling pleasure.”

Mr Jones-Pratt, Managing Director

Crosville's aim is to provide a clean bus fleet with friendly helpful drivers along with great ticket saving incentives. Their buses are also recreating the bygone striking green livery that once graced our roads and has proven to be very popular within the town.

For 2017 Crosville continues to run local bus services in the area and will also be operating its extensive vintage fleet on special days throughout the summer. With great value low prices and ticket incentives continuing this year, there is no better way to travel in and around Weston-super-Mare.

See our photo gallery 'How it all started' to view images of our Bristol L5G KG118 (KFM767) which is the bus that was the inspiration for the current Crosville company.

Download the Crosville service bus & coach fleet stock list (PDF). Last updated 7 February 2017

Crosville Motor Services Ltd is now a part of JJP Holdings South West Ltd, a family-run business which excels in bringing innovative transport solutions to the South West of England. As well as running bus services in Weston-super-Mare, the company is also working in partnership with First Group to provide all the transport needs of the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station construction project. Added recently to the JJP Holdings portfolio are two GWR steam locomotives, a heavy haulage company and several steam traction engines. Visit the JJP Holdings website to find out more.

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